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POWER Kids Cancelled

The POWER Kids Expo was created to provide the local community with an informative, interactive and free event that focuses on a well-rounded approach to childhood development. The event aims to pique the interests of kids, help parents identify available options, and offer companies and organizations the opportunity to debut or feature activities, products and programs that help empower kids. Developing this first-time event has been exciting, but challenging all the same. With approximately one month until the event we have reached a crossroads and reluctantly decided to postpone DC’s first POWER Kids Expo.

This pivotal decision was made based on the absence of necessary commitments from sponsors and exhibitors to make this event as successful as we envisioned it being. We truly believe in the POWER Kids concept and will continue to gauge interest in the coming months as we work to create a successful program. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or are interested in participating in this future event.