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Darrell Green


Darrell Green, spokeperson

Darrell Green is best known as a former cornerback with the Washington Redskins. During his record-setting 20 year career with the team he came to be known and lovingly referred to as "Mr. Redskin." His on field  accomplishments include two Super Bowl victories, seven selections to the Pro Bowl and four NFL Fastest Man Competitions.

Darrell Green is also well known for his work off the field. As a proponent of education, service and moral development, he founded The Darrell Green Youth Life Foundation (DGYLF) in 1988 which provides a wide-range of academic development and values-based education programs through Youth Life Learning Centers (YLLC) operating in select urban, suburban and rural neighborhoods.

His dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle combined with his commitment to youth development makes him an ideal role model and spokesperson for our POWER Kids Expo. Download Darrell's full bio.